Fr. John McCaffery OFM


Deceased 2nd July 2013






We are sorry to announce the death of Father John McCaffery OFM RIP on 2nd July 2013.

The death of Father John was announced on the 8th July in the late afternoon in the Friary where he passed his last two months being treated for cancer, his death was unexpected, there were no signs that the treatment was not working. He was buried in Saccolongo a town close to Padua.

On hearing this sad news many tributes about  Father John’s ministry reflect a wonderful character full of wisdom combined with a great sense of humour, he was renowned for being very down to earth;  a combination which made him very popular.

Father John McCaffery proclaimed Medjugorje in its early days from the beginning of the early eighties, which was difficult for a priest, many of them found it too hard, as a result he will have experienced many negative attitudes.  Father John went on to become Spiritual Director of the Medjugorje Apostolate for England and Wales.  He had a strong devotion to Our Lady, a truly Marian Priest.  He was a wonderful support to the Medjugorje family.  He leaves many very close friends whom he helped and encouraged from a wide cross section of the faithful who will feel a sense of loss.


The Apostolate of England and Wales


Fr. John, held a great affection for The North East.

During his time as Spiritual Director of The Apostolate, he became great friends with our late Fr.Ciaran McDonnell. It always brought a smile to his face when Fr.Ciaran jokingly referred to him as ‘The Wise Little Monk seated on The Mantelpiece’

Fr. John led Medjugorje  Retreats at Minsteracres, giving us encouragement and insight into his own faith. 

A few years ago, he spent time in the North East proclaiming the message of Our Lady of Medjugorje in local Parishes. 

It was certainly a challenge for him meeting the men at HM Prison Acklington, but in is humility; he never wavered from his commitment to serve Christ.

Fr. John wrote in his booklet ‘As a Franciscan I am always, in a sense, mesmerised by the example of Francis of Assisi. He fell madly in love with Christ, and for him Christ is a shepherd, a master and a brother and he longed with every fibre of his being ‘to put on Christ’ Celano his biographer emphasised this.

He continually fixed his gaze on the face of his Christ and always placed himself before the man of sorrows, who had experienced all our infirmities (2 Cel 85)’


Fr John McCaffery OFM (Requiscat in Pace)


Medjugorje NE