Donation Appeal



Dear Reader


We would like to eternally thank those Readers who continually support the production of The Medjugorje North East Free Newsletter with very generous and regular donations, enabling us to spread the Messages of Our Blessed Mother Queen of Peace to the world. Without you we would never have survived.


The Medjugorje Centre is managed by a Volunteer Committee who organise Pilgrimages, Retreats, afternoon/evenings of Prayer and a Monthly Newsletter and Website.


Regular Readers encourage our small committed group to continue their work to spread the news from Medjugorje.


We have struggled for many years with the Centre’s outdated IT equipment. To overcome this we now use personally owned up to date Computers, printer, software and broadband etc. financed by individuals.


Trying to cut costs as much as possible, we encourage readers to visit the Medjugorje website to download and Print Newsletters from there. The popular website is voluntarily maintained with just the yearly cost for the Domain name and Web Hosting.


However, the increasing cost of maintaining Medjugorje North East Newsletter is becoming increasingly difficult, especially due to the increase in postage.

Also the Centre owns an old Printer/Duplicator, which is deteriorating fast and needs replacing. Following a recent service the Engineer informed us that the Duplicator is obsolete and parts are no longer available.


Unfortunately, the Centre’s outgoings, which include, cost of Postage and materials (paper, envelopes, ink etc.) is growing faster than our income.


We post out approximately 230 Newsletters per month and more are hand delivered, whenever possible. The cost to produce a Newsletter including Postage is approximately 80p.

Posting Newsletters abroad has almost stopped and Readers are visiting Medjugorje North East Website for Our Lady’s Message and Medjugorje News.


We therefore appeal to your generosity to enable us to continue maintaining The Centre and The Newsletter.

Your continuing support and donation is much appreciated.


Please make cheques payable to ‘Medjugorje Centre (North East)’ and telephone

The Treasurer, Fiona Johnston on 0191 2856467 for Address details


God Bless

KrizevacMedjugorje Centre North East