Fr. Martin’s reflection on - Our Lady’s Message

25th September 2017


Our Lady of Medjugorje“Dear children,  I am calling you to be generous in renunciation, fasting and prayer for all those who are in temptation, and are your brothers and sisters. In a special way I am imploring you to pray for priests and for all the consecrated, that they may love Jesus still more fervently; that the Holy Spirit may fill their hearts with joy; that they may witness Heaven and Heavenly mysteries. Many souls are in sin, because there are not those who sacrifice themselves and pray for their conversion. I am with you and am praying that your hearts may be filled with joy. Thank you for having responded to my call.



Dear Brothers and Sisters of Medjugorje North East and beyond, Conversion is the constant search for God and from this grows the part we have to take in the spiritual battle with evil, in choosing the good and truth. Our times are Marian times and these cannot be defined by anything else other than the decisive battle against sin and evil. This can only be done with a deep and radical decision for God with Mary, but also through Mary.

The call to renunciation is a clear part of this month's message, along with Fasting and Prayer. 

The message is direct, simple and beautiful. We can help others through our little acts of sacrifices and charity.

Let us think of the little children of Fatima who did small acts of fasting for the conversion of sinners.  Mary always speaks about those who have not yet come to discover the love of God, and this is the point of renunciation. Mary reminds us that with our efforts of ‘renunciation, fasting and prayer for all those who are in temptation we are doing something beautiful not for a stranger, but, "because these are your brothers and sisters."

To see everyone through the eyes of Mary is to see each person with profound love. Because these are your brothers and sisters. Only love can make a difference, our sacrifices arising from the depths of pure love, out of the human heart is a transforming love. 

All humanity is special to Our Lady, and every person is loved by her, she calls us to this same awareness. We are all part of the same human family, all interconnected as children of God, not strangers but friends, and our spiritual lives can have a profound affect on others by our love. Little acts of renunciations performed in love. Mary is here to help all of us stay on the path of Salvation to God, each of us is uniquely special to her. Let us see the pain in the eyes of our brothers and sisters who desire a new life, a clean heart, a pure spirit. Mary asks us to awaken to them, and to remember that our acts of renunciation carry grace for them our Brothers and sisters.

From the very beginning of the apparitions, Mary has called for Prayer for Priest's and Consecrated.  She often speaks of "The Shepherds"

How Many Priestly and Religious Vocations have come from Medjugorje, and now Our Lady asks us specifically to pray for them "That they may love Jesus still more fervently." 

Mary has spoken much in these times about the renewal of Faith and its link with the shepherds, even linking the ‘Triumph of her Immaculate heart to the Renewal of the Priesthood. This surely is at the heart of this renewed call for the Clergy and Consecrated. "So that through their Joy they may witness to heaven." Let us not be critical about their weaknesses and failures, but let love be the response through heartfelt prayer and renunciation. The world needs their heavenly witness.

"Many souls are in sin."  The world seeks God, and it opens itself to God, but still someone must be sent to guide us in order to be with God, as Mary chose to be with God for this world. This is after all the deep reason for her coming and the apparitions.  We not only change ourselves, but when we grow through Love, Peace, Hope, and Faith -it is for the whole world. 


Mary sees all the problems, all the destruction in families, the destruction within each single person, all the wars, acts of terrorism, the innocent who suffer, those who cause the suffering. she does not ask us to judge the world, or talk about it, but she calls us to offer it God, and Gods love for it. We can make a difference, for our Brothers and Sisters.


God Bless,  

Fr. Martin